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Selected images of Route 66, The Mother Road. One of the first highways completed in the U.S. highway system, it was opened in November of 1926 and became a major route between Chicago (where it originate ) and Santa Monica, Ca (where it ended ). Totaling 2,448 miles of scenic and exciting travel, it became an icon in travel history. Though it was shut down officially as a U.S. Highway on June 27, 1985, The Mother Road lives on in a legacy unmatched by any other highway. Popular both in song ( Get Your Kicks on Route 66 by Bobby Troup ) and TV series ( Route 66 ), it now is a travel destination for people all over the world. Many old travel stops still exist today though many are in disrepair. They still make great subjects for shutterbugs and history buffs. So if you can't Get Your KIcks on the Mother Road, you can see some of what you are missing here in my gallery. Thanks for stopping by !

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